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Behaviour Analysis Expert

Behaviour Analysis Expert

Master Courses

60 CFA

Full Online Course

1500 Hours

As specified in the international Framework, each point stands for 25 study hours organized into videolectures, teaching material, face-to-face seminars and hours dedicated to study individually.


Module 1 - 210 Hours: Facial micro-expression analysis
This module confers the facial micro-expression Analyst Diploma
Module 2 - 210 Hours: Body language
This module confers the body-language Specialist Diploma

Module 3 - 210 Hours: Verbal communication
This module confers the verbal communication Analysis Diploma

Module 4 - 210 Hours: Profiling
This module confers the Profiling specialist certificate
Module 5 - 210 Hours: Graphology
This module confers the handwriting analysis Certificate
Module 6 - 210 Hours: Observation techniques and asking question skills
This module confers a Diploma on observation techniques and asking question skills

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    € 2.900,00Prezzo scontato
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