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Health Lifestyle and Nutrion Advisor

Health Lifestyle and Nutrion Advisor

Master Courses

60 CFA

Full Online Course

1500 Hours

As specified in the international Framework, each point stands for 25 study hours organized into videolectures, teaching material, face-to-face seminars and hours dedicated to study individually.


Module 1: Chemistry and biochemistry - 150 Hours
Module 2: Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system - 50 Hours
Module 3: Myology and physiology of physical exercise - 150 Hours
Module 4: Principles of nutrition and feeding - 200 Hours
Module 5: Energy requirements and use of nutrients - 200 Hours
Module 6A: Feeding and clinical nutrition - 500 Hours
Module 6B: Nutrition of the developmental age - 500 Hours
Module 6C: Food and nutrition in sport - 500 Hours
Module 6D: Food and nutrition in aging - 500 Hours
Module 6E: Eating disorders - 500 Hours

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    € 2.900,00Prezzo scontato
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