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International Cultural Mediator Expert

International Cultural Mediator Expert

Master Courses

60 CFA

Full Online Course

1500 Hours

As specified in the international Framework, each point stands for 25 study hours organized into videolectures, teaching material, face-to-face seminars and hours dedicated to study individually.


Sociology - 6 CFU
Globalization, migration flows, integration, equity
Cultural antropology - 6 CFU
Anthropology of Violence
Pedagogy - 4 CFU
Comparative analysis of the different educational systems
Elements of international law - 4 CFU
Anthropology and psychology of religions - 4 CFU
Birth, life, death, marriage, sex in different cultures
Political Economy - 6 CFU
Economic geography
Elements of criminal law - 6 CFU
Imputability, prosecution, victims' rights
Organization and management - 4 CFU
Operation of communities and management of migratory flows
The culture mediator in the process - 4 CFU
Elements of procedural law
Linguistics - 6 CFU
Cultural mediation - 10 CFU
Intervention techniques, intervention evaluation, planning

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